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Taken from Burning Condors' debut album 'Round Our Way' - due for release in early 2013. 'Honey Trap' features Col JD Wilkes (Legendary Shack Shakers) on blues harp. Recorded in Nashville. Produced by Mark Robertson.


'Honey Trap'

This town aint big enough
For the three of us
And though I know I shouldn't play away so close to home

I fell into your honey trap
I should've jumped the hell back

This house is getting strained
Since you started up your games
The thrill is gone
Though I'm here I'm just nervously hanging on

I fell into your honey trap
Lord take me back

I've had about enough
Wasted all my lies up
I'm running out of luck

My lies are getting tied
A noose around my neck
Now I'm hung out to dry
You just laugh as you twist in the knife

Such a vindictive girl
Although your butter wouldn't melt

Lord knows what I'm to do
I got it all to lose
I shoulda seen through you

Seen that this was a honey trap
A honey trap
I should've jumped the hell back
Oh I should've run
But I got caught up
What have I gone and done

What have I got into
I'm the one with it all to lose
Should've told you we we're through

Now I'm running out of luck
Wasted my nine lives up
I just could not get enough


released September 29, 2012
Performed by Burning Condors (M Thompson/M Edun/C Church/R Littlebury) featuring Col JD Wilkes (blues harp). Lyrics by M Edun/C Church. Music by M Edun. Recorded at Stainless Sound Studios Nashville. Engineered by Steve Mabee and Produced by Mark Robertson.



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Burning Condors UK

Fresh on the Net described Burning Condors' debut single ‘Honey Trap’ as “...dirty in a good way...” whilst God is in the TV hailed “...a howling haunted victim of love no more”. Joyzine was equally impressed, describing Burning Condors' sound as using “...a modern art punk filter to come up with something fresh and new. Imagine Nick Cave sipping whiskey with John Spencer in a Hoxton dive bar.” ... more

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